Who Can Benefit From ECI?

Early Childhood Intervention Helps With

DevelopmentPreventionFamily Education
Children who are demonstrating delays in achieving their developmental milestones, or need extra help mastering skills in a timely manner

Such as:

- A 14 month old who is not saying her first words

- A 6 month old who is not reaching for toys while sitting

- A 3 year old who is having difficulty with toilet training
Infants “at risk” for developmental delays or disabilities due to conditions present at birth

Such as:

- Prematurity

- Low Birth Weight

- Down’s Syndrome

- Cerebral palsy
Parents, grandparents, and other caregivers seeking new information, tools, and specialized guidance to better understand their child’s developmental needs

Those who are wondering:

- Should my child be speaking by now?

- Am I positioning her correctly while she eats?

- What is the best play activity to encourage crawling?