What is Early Childhood Intervention (ECI)?

ECI is a system of supports for families who want to help their young children achieve developmental milestones. Provided in the first 6 years of life, ECI ensures children are on the right track toward healthy growth in the following domains:

PhysicalWeight, height, and head circumference
Gross MotorSitting, walking, jumping, and balance
Fine MotorGrasping toys, holding a crayon or pencil
SensoryTolerating a variety of textures and flavors
PlayEnjoying a variety of toys, playing pretend games
Social EmotionalGreeting others, playing with peers
Speech, Language, and CommunicationNaming objects, pictures, and people, making sentences, speaking clearly
CognitiveSearching for hidden objects, matching colors, understanding how objects are used
Self Help & IndependenceHolding eating utensils, dressing, and toilet training